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The trees have fell

It's been 8 long months since the first tree fell on our new nursery property, were happy to report today that there is not a tree left standing.

  • Feller Buncher Clearing Trees

     The anticipation that built from nearly 8 months of waiting to get all the trees cut and off our land was intense to say the least. The day we got the phone call telling us that our land was next on the list to be cut I almost fell out of my chair with excitement.  Being in the heart of forestry country in a region built on the timber industry there were a lot of companies that we could have hired to clear the land, several of them could have done it sooner, but we decided to hold out for the best of the best. The guys at Treeline Inc. in Lincoln Maine are without a doubt the best in the business and when it came down to clearing an entire large piece of land without destroying the ground underneath it there was nobody else we trusted more.

The big Tigercat 822C Feller-Buncher they brought to cut the trees was quite an impressive piece of machinery. I didn’t even want to ask how much one of those big ‘ole tree choppers cost but I am sure it’s in the several hundreds of thousands of dollars range.

Within minutes of being delivered the operator fired up the giant feller-buncher and went right to work cutting trees and plucking them like they were carrots from the garden,  often times several trees at a time laying them out in nice neatly stacked piles for the skidders to come back at a later date and drag to the road side where they will be setting up a giant chipper machine to chip the trees into tiny pieces to be hauled off to a local bio-mass energy plant where they will be turned into fuel which will power a few Maine homes in the future.

In just a few short hours the beastly machine had already cleared more trees than it took us over a month to clear by hand working 25-30 hours a week. It made me wonder why we even bothered trying to clear any of the land by hand last summer at all, although at the time I think we would have done pretty much anything to try and get the land cleared so we could get a field started for field growing our beautiful tiny little bonsai trees. It was heartbreaking that the weather wouldn’t cooperate with us this past summer / fall.  The day the first snow flurries started to fly signaling the end of being able to work on the land ourselves, knowing we didn’t get a single tree planted to start its journey of growing into a gorgeous piece of bonsai stock was a huge let down, but seeing this amazing tree cutting machine just zipping along removing trees like they were nothing restored hope and aspirations of having a field done, a place to build a home, and a place to build a new store front finally completed in 2018.

The man that operated this grizzly tree felling machine told us he had been operating machines similar to this one for nearly 20+ years and it clearly showed as he performed his tree felling ballet every minute opening up just enough clear land to make me stop and look in awe.

All in all it took just over 13 hours spread across 2 days to get the entire lot cleared, and as of today there is not a single tree left standing on the entire property. We have roughly 30 or so piles of fell trees stacked up and awaiting the monster chipper machine to come turn them into bio-mass in a few weeks, but for now it’s just a good feeling to know they are down and that the only step left to do in order  to be able to start building structures and hauling in loom and manure for the field is to pull the stumps and level the ground in the spring.

To see this amazing machine in action check out our video we made for our youtube channel.