Your partners in all things Bonsai

There can arise a lot of difficulties on ones journey down the road of bonsai. We want you know you’re not alone. 

Styling & Maintenance

Keep your bonsai looking their best with the help of our in house professional and veteran bonsai artists. Anywhere in the United States and many places beyond our border Stillwater Bonsai is your partner in keeping your trees looking stunning.

From the implementation of stunning designs to simple repotting or setting your collection up with a full installation from automated irrigation to shade structures, we’re here to help you maximise your bonsais potential. 

Exhibitions & Curation

Time and careful consideration is spent in every aspect of designing and styling every square inch of your beautiful bonsai trees. Just as important as the trees design is the aesthetics of how your tree or trees are displayed. 

Sure your tree will look beautiful sitting on that bench with all the rest of your trees but curating your collection to showcase each tree as a living piece of art will bring out a level of artful beauty in your garden like never before. We can help you with every aspect of curating your collection and also help you prepare your trees for exhibition upon request. 

Lectures & Presentations

There is an age old saying that wisdom is sharing knowledge not hoarding it. We have prepared presentations and lectures on several topics from our experience farming, growing and raising, styling and collecting bonsai. Topics range from farming bonsai, yamadori hunting, style and design technique, the art of horticulture, pest and disease management, demonstrations, group workshops and much more.

Guided Yamadori Hunts

As far as were concerned there is almost nothing more exciting than getting to spend time in nature seeking out amazing yamadori material. We can guide you through amazing hunting spots the country over. Our specialty is the north Maine woods as its our back yard but we hunt all over the Rocky and Appalachian mountains, the swamps of south-east Louisiana, the great plains, and the southern desert states from southern Utah to Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico. 

Whatever it is you want to hunt for, we no where to go, how to get the permits to collect specimens, and how to do the paperwork to get your trees exported from collection site back to your home state safely and without transporting invasive pests across borders. 

Looking for something else?

We strive to help you with any of your bonsai needs. If your not seeing what your looking for with our available services feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do to accommodate whatever it is you need.